Art and Replicas

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  • Mormolyce phyllodes violin guitar beetle weevil Sumatra Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

  • Odontolabis lacordairei stag beetle Sumatra Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

  • Charaxes subornatus LIVE MOUNT green framed butterfly Africa

  • Acherontia atropos REPLICA miniature Silence of the Lambs death’s head moths earrings

  • Saturnia pavonia REPLICA white emperor moth Europe

  • Hyalophora cecropia male REPLICA red framed saturn moth USA

  • Antherina suraka male REPLICA pink bullseye saturn moth Madagascar

  • Leucanella apollinaire RARE REPLICA framed pink saturn moth Ecuador

  • Argema besanti RARE REPLICA framed green equinox moth resting pose Tanzania

  • Actias isis RARE REPLICA framed yellow green saturn moth resting pose China

  • Papilio lorquinianus REPLICA framed blue green swallowtail butterfly Indonesia

  • Morpho sulkowski REPLICA framed purple pink blue butterfly Peru