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  • Kerivoula pellucida COFFIN hanging black bat Indonesia

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    Appias nero FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND orange butterfly Indonesia

  • Urania ripheus BLACK BACKGROUND sunset moth verso green pink orange black Madagascar FRAMED

  • Actias luna BLACK BACKGROUND green saturn moth USA framed

  • mixed lot of assorted framed REPLICAS mystery box collection

  • Phyllium pulchrifolium female REPLICA framed green leaf bug mimic Indonesia

  • Enhyilris chinensis REPLICA framed Chinese water snake skeleton

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    mixed lot of assorted framed FRANKEN-butterflies FRANKEN-moths mystery box collection

  • Salamis parhassus REPLICA framed pink purple mother of pearl butterfly Africa

  • Day flying sphinx REPLICA framed pink blue moth Peru

  • Morpho menelaus REPLICA framed blue butterfly French Guyana

  • Actias luna REPLICA green saturn moth earrings