Art and Replicas

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  • Ornithoptera priamus euphorion REPLICA green black birdwing butterfly framed

  • Argiope aurantia orb weaver spider on web framed REPLICA

  • Thysania agrippina REPLICA white witch moth PERU framed

  • Morpho luna BLACK BACKGROUND white black butterfly Central America

  • Salamis parhassus BLACK BACKGROUND pink purple black mother of pearl butterfly Africa FRAMED

  • Morpho sulkowski BLACK BACKGROUND purple pink blue butterfly Peru FRAMED

  • Loepa katinka REPLICA yellow saturn moth earrings

  • Dichorragia nesimachus REPLICA blue butterfly earrings

  • Octopus briareus REPLICA framed pink orange Caribbean reef octopus

  • Sagra femorata REPLICA green framed frog beetle

  • Phalacrognathus muelleri REPLICA stag beetle Australia

  • Morpho menelaus female REPLICA blue butterfly French Guyana earrings