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    Dorcus alcides framed stag beetle wings spread Indonesia

  • Chrysochroa baudoni red green buprestid beetle Thailand

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    Enema pan rhinoceros rhino beetle Peru

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    Cyclommatus bicolor stag beetle Thailand

  • Phanaeus pilatei blue green scarab beetle Guatemala

  • Sagra longicollis green frog beetle Malaysia mounted

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    Eudicella euthalia green snake tongue scarab beetle Tanzania Africa

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    Dicheros bicornis red yellow stag beetle pair male female Malaysia

  • Metapocyrtus elegans blue black weevil beetle Philippines

  • Heliocopris bucephalus XL black scarab dung beetle Indonesia (CIRS)

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    Chalcolepidius smaragdinus blue click beetle Arizona USA

  • Stephanorrhina guttata green red scarab beetle Zaire Africa