Dragonflies and Cicadas

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  • Neurobasis chinensis framed green dragonfly duo Indonesia

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    Neuroptera patiens antlion Madagascar

  • Calopteryx virgo dragonfly green black wing preserved in vial Indonesia

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    antlion black white clearwing doodlebug Arizona USA

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    Pomponia merula clear cicada Indonesia

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    Pennant yellow orange dragonfly damselfly USA

  • Neurobasis chinensis framed green dragonfly trio Indonesia

  • cicada shell exoskeleton preserved in vial wet specimen USA

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    clear dragonfly wing preserved in vial

  • Euphaea variegata framed green black dragonfly damselfly duo Indonesia

  • Neurobasis kaupi blue clear dragonfly damselfly Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

  • Calopteryx virgo green black dragonfly damselfly framed preserved on leaf