Grasshoppers, Praying Mantis and Stick Bugs

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    Phyllium pulchrifolium yellow form leaf bug female Indonesia RARE

  • Heteropteryx dilatata pink stick bug male Malaysia

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    green praying mantis female preserved wet specimen

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    Eurycnema versirubra green framed stick bug Indonesia

  • Saiva transversolineata blue fulgorid Indonesia

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    Framed Eurycnema versirubra pink orange form walking stick bug Indonesia

  • Idolomantis diabolica green praying mantis female Tanzania RARE

  • Metallyticus splendidus blue green purple praying mantis male Malaysia RARE

  • Zanna nobilis white fulgorid leaf hopper Malaysia

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    Diesbachia tamyris pink black stick bug Malaysia

  • Idolomantis diabolica praying mantis nymph Tanzania RARE

  • Metallyticus splendidus blue green orange praying mantis female Malaysia RARE