Grasshoppers, Praying Mantis and Stick Bugs

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    Framed Eurycnema versirubra pink orange form walking stick bug Indonesia

  • Idolomantis diabolica green praying mantis male Tanzania RARE

  • Tropidacris dux PAIR male female red orange grasshopper Peru

  • CRICKETS Cotton Candy flavor! Chirpeez edible insects bred for human consumption

  • pink grasshopper wet specimen Texas USA

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    Diesbachia tamyris pink black stick bug Malaysia

  • Grasshopper male wet specimen Arizona USA

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    Phyllium pulchrifolium green leaf bug male female pair Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

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    Bythopsyrna circulata black white lanternfly fulgorid Indonesia RARE

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    Phrictus buchei fulgorid Costa Rica

  • Creobroter wahlbergii green praying mantis preserved wet specimen

  • SUPERWORMS larvets cheddar cheese flavor! edible insects bred for human consumption