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    Rothschildia erycina FEMALE snake mimic saturn moth Costa Rica

  • Graellsia isabellae PAIR MALE + FEMALE green spanish moon moth saturn moth Spain

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    Erateina aida red orange moth Peru RARE unmounted wings closed

  • Argema mittrei FRAMED PAIR male female saturn moths Madagascar

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    Chrysocale regalis red green day flying moth Ecuador

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    Automeris oaxacensis pink orange male saturn moth Guatemala

  • Urania ripheus forewing green black sunset moth wing earrings

  • Urania ripheus hindwing pink green sunset moth wing earrings

  • Erasmia pulchera blue green yellow day flying moth wing necklace

  • Eudocima species leaf mimic fruit piercing moth Vietnam

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    Perisomena caecigena FEMALE pink saturn moth Slovenia

  • Argema mittrei FEMALE RESTING POSE green yellow comet moth female Madagascar