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  • Thysania agrippina white witch moth Peru

  • Urania leilus green blue black day flying moth Peru

  • Daphnis nerii army green camouflage oleander sphinx moth Europe

  • Acherontia styx Silence of the Lambs death’s head moth Thailand

  • Citheronia splendens hickory horned devil red saturn moth Arizona

  • Antherina suraka pink bullseye saturn moth male Madagascar

  • Rothschildia cincta saturn moth Arizona

  • mixed lot of assorted butterflies moths mounted pinned wings spread collection

  • Automeris io yellow male saturn moth Indiana

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    Actias selene ningpoana green saturn moth female China

  • Eacles oslari YELLOW saturn moth imperial moth Arizona USA

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    Alcides orontes RECTO blue green black day flying moth Indonesia