Specimens in Vials and Wet Specimens

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  • Tegrodera aloga iron cross blister beetle wet specimen Arizona USA RARE

  • Tentacle octopus pink purple preserved wet specimen in vial

  • Urania ripheus sunset moth pink orange hindwing preserved in vial Madagascar Africa

  • pink grasshopper wet specimen Texas USA

  • Out of Stock

    hickory horned devil Citheronia splendens caterpillar preserved wet specimen

  • clear dragonfly wing preserved in vial

  • Acherontia atropos pupa silence of the lambs deaths head moth preserved cocoon wet specimen

  • Limited Quantity: 4

    Scolopendra centipede wet specimen Arizona USA

  • Limited Quantity: 4

    Solifugid sun spider camel spider XL wet specimen Arizona USA

  • Octopus pink purple preserved wet specimen in vial SM or XL

  • Rattlesnake XL vertebra bone preserved wet specimen

  • Creobroter wahlbergii green praying mantis preserved wet specimen Africa