Purple Pink

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  • Chrysochroa buqueti BLACK BACKGROUND blue pink jewel beetle buprestid Malaysia

  • Octopus pink purple preserved wet specimen in vial

  • Precis rhadama PAIR male female blue butterfly Madagascar FRAMED PAIR

  • Pseudolycaena damo VERSO + RECTO blue purple butterfly Guatemala FRAMED PAIR

  • Cithaerias merolina LIVE MOUNT pink clear wing butterfly Peru framed

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    Tyria jacobaeae pink day flying moth Europe

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    Cithaerias phyllis purple clear wing butterfly French Guyana SUPER RARE

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    Paralaxita damajanti pink blue verso butterfly Malaysia RARE

  • starfish seastar necklace pink

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    Perisomena caecigena MALE pink yellow saturn moth Slovenia

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    Perisomena caecigena FEMALE pink saturn moth Slovenia

  • Actias rhodopneuma pink green saturn moth China RARE (CIRS)