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  • Trachelophorus red giraffe weevil beetle Christmas ornament Madagascar

  • Black Septarian “DRAGON EGG” dragonstone geode Madagascar

  • K2 Azurite Granite blue gemstone mineral Madagascar RARE

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    Ocean Jasper 994g rainbow green red gemstone mineral Madagascar (CIRS)

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    Dendritic Moss Opal 494g green gemstone mineral Madagascar (CIRS)

  • Amethyst palm stone purple quartz crystal Madagascar

  • Limited Quantity: 1

    Eubergia caisa MALE saturn moth Argentina RARE (CIRS)

  • Rubellite purple pink tourmaline gemstone Madagascar RARE

  • Limited Quantity: 5

    Cyana species red white day flying moth Thailand

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    Neochera marmorea blue day flying moth Philippines (CIRS)

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    DISCOUNTED Valentine’s collection pink red purple mounted/wings spread butterflies

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    Hemileuca marcata white black sheep moth USA (CIRS)