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  • Otomops formosus COFFIN hanging black bat Indonesia

  • Ornithoptera rothschildi MALE + FEMALE PAIR green gold birdwing butterflies Papua New Guinea

  • Arctia festiva pink tiger moth Hungary RARE

  • Argema mittrei MALE BLACK BACKGROUND green yellow comet moth Madagascar

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    mixed lot of assorted edible insects bugs bred for human consumption mystery box

  • Megasoma actaeon WINGS SPREAD rhinoceros beetle Peru

  • Morpho deidamia VERSO + RECTO blue butterflies Peru

  • Creobroter gemmatus VERSO pink green praying mantis female Indonesia

  • Batesia hypochlora VERSO + RECTO yellow pink black clown butterfly Peru FRAMED PAIR

  • Argema mittrei FEMALE RESTING POSE BLACK BACKGROUND green yellow comet moth Madagascar

  • Attacus atlas male RESTING POSE BLACK BACKGROUND snake mimic saturn moth Indonesia

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    Pierella lena blue butterfly Peru RARE