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  • Thysania agrippina REPLICA white witch moth PERU framed

  • Pancea prola VERSO + RECTO red blue butterfly Peru FRAMED PAIR

  • Ornithoptera rothschildi Trogonoptera brookiana green gold birdwing butterflies Indonesia

  • Limited Quantity: 3

    Agrias x Prepona hybrid blue red framed butterfly Peru RARE (CIRS)

  • Morpho luna BLACK BACKGROUND white black butterfly Central America

  • Salamis parhassus BLACK BACKGROUND pink purple black mother of pearl butterfly Africa FRAMED

  • New

    Morpho sulkowski BLACK BACKGROUND purple pink blue butterfly Peru FRAMED

  • Limited Quantity: 1

    Papilio andraemon bonhotei framed swallowtail butterfly RARE Bahamas (CIRS)

  • Pachyrrhynchus cruciatus green weevil beetle Philippines framed preserved on leaf

  • Eupholus schoenherri petiti weevil blue green beetle Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

  • Morpho portis blue butterfly Argentina RARE framed preserved on leaf

  • Chrysochroa saundersi green buprestid beetle Thailand framed preserved on leaf