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    Homoderus mellyi stag beetle Cameroon Africa

  • blue beetle on preserved flower necklace

  • Derobrachus hovorei paloverde root borer longhorn beetle Arizona USA

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    Mecynorrhina torquata male green scarab flower beetle Cameroon Africa (CIRS)

  • Metapocyrtus species blue black weevil beetle Philippines W3

  • Dorcus alcides stag beetle Indonesia

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    Dicronocephalus wallichii velvet stag beetle Thailand (CIRS)

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    Megapurpuricenus magnificus black red longhorn beetle Arizona USA RARE

  • Cotinus mutabilis green figeater beetle PINNED Arizona USA

  • Eudicella schultzeorum green snake tongue scarab beetle Africa

  • Ladybugs preserved with flowers resin display

  • Eucorysses grandis mask skull face shield bug Indonesia Christmas ornament