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    Pachyrrhynchus digestus red green blue weevil beetle Philippines

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    Pachyrrhynchus nobilis pink weevil beetle Philippines

  • Torynorrhina flammea red scarab beetle Christmas ornament Thailand

  • Trachelophorus red giraffe weevil beetle Christmas ornament Madagascar

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    Chalcosoma caucasus WINGS SPREAD rhinoceros beetle Indonesia

  • Green scarab beetle mounted wings spread resin display

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    Alaus zunianus eyed click beetle Arizona USA

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    Batocera laena longhorn beetle Papua New Guinea

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    Pachyrrhynchus postpubescens red pink weevil beetle Philippines

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    Eubergia caisa MALE saturn moth Argentina RARE (CIRS)

  • Megasoma actaeon WINGS SPREAD rhinoceros beetle Peru

  • Stag beetle resin display