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    Catonephele acontius female yellow black butterfly Peru

  • scorpion bracelet black gold

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    Diesbachia tamyris pink black stick bug Malaysia

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    Dorcus alcides minor framed stag beetle wings spread Indonesia

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    Luehdorfia japonica swallowtail butterfly Japan (CIRS)

  • Salamis parhassus forewing pink purple black earrings

  • scorpion necklace red black yin yang

  • Urania ripheus sunset moth pink orange hindwing preserved in vial Madagascar Africa

  • Ornithoptera priamus FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND green black birdwing butterfly Papua New Guinea

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    Kodiosoma fulvum female pink black tiger moth Arizona USA RARE

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    Papilio machaon bairdii male yellow black swallowtail butterfly Arizona USA RARE

  • Urania ripheus sunset moth green black Christmas ornament Madagascar