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  • Baeotus amazonicus white black gold butterfly verso Peru Christmas ornament

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    Morpho deidamia blue black butterfly Peru Christmas ornament

  • scorpion necklace red black

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    Limenitis arthemis astyanax blue black red spotted purple butterfly USA

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    Papilio elwesi red black swallowtail butterfly China

  • Hexarthrius mandibularis 90mm+ black stag beetle Indonesia

  • Arhopala araxes FEMALE blue black butterfly Indonesia

  • Parides sesostris green black swallowtail butterfly Peru

  • Attacus atlas female BLACK BACKGROUND snake mimic saturn moth Indonesia

  • Caligo memnon VERSO BLACK BACKGROUND owl butterfly Peru

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    Charaxes nobilis verso white black gold butterfly Africa RARE (CIRS)

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    Papilio thoas VERSO + RECTO king swallowtail yellow black butterfly Peru