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  • Salamis temora REPLICA blue butterfly Africa

  • Limited Quantity: 2

    Agrias amydon red blue framed butterfly Peru (CIRS)

  • Limited Quantity: 1

    Agrias stuarti/phalcidon blue framed butterfly Peru RARE (CIRS)

  • Octopus briareus REPLICA framed blue purple Caribbean reef octopus

  • Graphium weiskei REPLICA blue black purple green butterfly Papua New Guinea earrings

  • Ornithoptera alexandrae RARE REPLICA blue green Queen Alexandra’s birdwing butterfly earrings

  • Morpho menelaus REPLICA blue butterfly French Guyana earrings

  • Eupholus cutieri weevil blue green beetle Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

  • Morpho aega blue butterfly Argentina framed preserved on leaf

  • Udara dilecta blue purple butterfly China framed preserved on leaf

  • Caligo memnon REPLICA framed blue purple owl butterflies verso recto resting pose Peru

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    Amesia sanguiflua blue black day flying moth Indonesia (CIRS)