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  • Hypochrysops polycletus red green butterfly verso Indonesia

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    Elymnias agondas blue eyes butterfly Indonesia

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    Eurypelma spinicrus mounted legs spread tarantula Indonesia

  • Attacus atlas FRAMED PAIR male female saturn moth Indonesia

  • Ornithoptera tithonus gold green birdwing butterfly RARE Timika Indonesia (CIRS)

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    Dorcus alcides minor framed stag beetle wings spread Indonesia

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    Milionia drucei red orange day flying moth Indonesia

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    Milionia delicatula blue day flying moth Indonesia

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    Trigoniulus corallinus giant millipede Java Indonesia

  • Phyllium pulchrifolium green leaf bug male female pair Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

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    Taenaris bioculatus owl mimic blue eyed butterfly Indonesia

  • Kerivoula pellucida COFFIN hanging black bat Indonesia