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  • Euphaea variegata framed green black dragonfly damselfly duo Indonesia

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    Chrysochroa fulminans wings spread red green buprestid beetle Indonesia

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    Odontolabis lacordairei framed stag beetle wings spread Indonesia

  • Antheraea larissa pink orange saturn moth Indonesia (CIRS)

  • Phyllium celebicum green leaf bug female Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

  • Cyclommatus metallifer stag beetle Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

  • Attacus atlas male REPLICA snake mimic saturn moth Indonesia

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    Taenaris hodeva owl mimic eyed butterfly Indonesia

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    Hexarthrius paradoxus stag beetle Sumatra Indonesia

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    Antheraea mylitta RED FORM saturn moth Indonesia

  • Hexarthrius mandibularis 90mm+ black stag beetle Indonesia

  • Phyllium pulchrifolium FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND green leaf bug female Indonesia