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    Cethosia myrina pink purple butterfly Indonesia

  • Papilio paris blue green peacock swallowtail butterfly Christmas ornament Indonesia

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    Idea idea framed BLACK BACKGROUND black white butterfly Indonesia

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    Kerivoula picta SPREAD + HANGING orange fire bats Indonesia framed

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    Hebomoia glaucippe + leucippe orange yellow butterflies Indonesia framed

  • Limited Quantity: 1

    Idea tambusisiana black white framed butterfly Indonesia RARE (CIRS)

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    Cethosia hypsea framed BLACK BACKGROUND red white orange black butterfly verso Indonesia

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    Papilio lorquinianus framed BLACK BACKGROUND blue green swallowtail butterfly Indonesia

  • Limited Quantity: 1

    Attacus dohertyi MALE atlas moth Indonesia RARE (CIRS)

  • Ornithoptera rothschildi Trogonoptera brookiana green gold birdwing butterflies Indonesia

  • Eupholus schoenherri petiti weevil blue green beetle Indonesia framed preserved on leaf

  • Graphium agamemnon green black butterfly Indonesia framed preserved on leaf