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  • Morpho aega blue butterfly Christmas ornament Argentina

  • Morpho zephyritis blue butterfly Christmas ornament Peru

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    Morpho eugenia blue butterfly French Guyana RARE

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    DISCOUNTED collection of BicBugs’ TOP 10 BEST SELLERS mounted/wings spread

    $380.00 $285.00
  • Morpho deidamia forewing blue black earrings

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    Morpho cacica framed blue orange pair male female butterflies Peru RARE (CIRS)

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    Morpho didius framed blue butterfly pair male female Peru

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    Morpho helena framed pair male female orange blue white butterfly Peru

  • Morpho aurora REPLICA blue butterfly Peru earrings

  • Morpho didius hindwing blue butterfly wing earrings

  • Morpho catenarius catenaria BLACK BACKGROUND white blue butterfly Argentina

  • Morpho cypris REPLICA framed blue white butterfly Colombia