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    Gaeana festiva TRIO orange and green forms cicadas framed

  • Phoebis philea BLACK BACKGROUND yellow orange barred sulfur butterfly Peru

  • Urania ripheus VERSO REPLICA pink orange sunset moth framed

  • Danaus plexippus BLACK BACKGROUND orange black monarch butterfly USA

  • Danaus plexippus LIVE MOUNT orange black monarch framed butterfly USA

  • Cymothoe sangaris red orange forewing earrings

  • Ixias pyrene yellow orange butterfly wing necklace

  • Callicore aegina VERSO + RECTO blue orange yellow black butterflies Peru FRAMED PAIR

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    Agrias amydon zenodorus blue orange framed butterfly Peru RARE (CIRS)

  • Danaus plexippus REPLICA orange black monarch butterfly USA earrings

  • Marpesia petreus red orange daggerwing butterfly Peru framed preserved on leaf

  • Agraulis vanillae LIVE MOUNT silver orange framed butterfly verso USA