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  • UV black light scorpion detection flashlight

  • Graphium weiskei REPLICA framed blue purple green butterfly Papua New Guinea

  • Inachis io red pink purple blue peacock buckeye butterfly Europe Christmas ornament

  • Morpho sulkowski blue pink purple butterfly Christmas ornament Peru

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    CRICKET sucker lollipop GRAPE flavor! edible insect bred for human consumption

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    Napaea heteroea blue purple riodinid Peru

  • Caligo memnon REPLICA framed owl blue purple butterfly resting pose Peru

  • Melanophidium punctatum REPLICA purple pink snake EARRINGS

  • Octopus pink purple preserved wet specimen in vial

  • Pseudolycaena damo VERSO + RECTO blue purple butterfly Guatemala FRAMED PAIR

  • Salamis parhassus REPLICA pink purple black mother of pearl butterfly Africa earrings

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    Cithaerias phyllis purple clear wing butterfly French Guyana SUPER RARE