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    Danaus plexippus resting pose orange black monarch butterfly USA REPLICA earrings

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    Luehdorfia japonica swallowtail butterfly Japan

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    Proserpinus terlooii green sphinx moth Arizona USA RARE

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    Solifugid sun spider camel spider XL wet specimen Arizona USA

  • Orb weaver spider web framed preserved USA

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    Lerina incarnata blue green pink day flying moth Arizona USA

  • Eupackardia calleta framed black saturn moth Arizona USA REPLICA

  • Antheraea polyphemus framed saturn moth USA REPLICA

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    Vanessa atalanta red admiral butterfly USA

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    Alaus ocellatus eyed click beetle USA

  • Tegrodera aloga iron cross blister beetle wet specimen Arizona USA RARE

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    Derobrachus hovorei paloverde root borer longhorn beetle Arizona USA