Deroplatys dessicata praying mantis male Malaysia


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4 inch wingspan

Interesting Facts about Deroplatys dessicata:

Also known as the giant dead leaf praying mantis from Malaysia, Deroplatys dessicata exhibit extreme camouflage in the wild. When disturbed they will sway back and forth as if caught in a breeze, mimicking a leaf on the branch of a tree. If a predator gets too close they may fall to the ground and lay motionless, further convincing the treat they are in fact, just a leaf. They may also react with an offensive display in which they will stand on their back four legs and flash the large eyesopts on their forewings, making any potential predator think they are a much bigger animal than they first appeared.

This species varies in color from dark brown/almost black to a very light form.

Deroplatys dessicata dark form praying mantis female Malaysia

Deroplatys dessicata light form praying mantis female Malaysia

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