lot of 10 Danaus plexippus monarch butterfly wings

lot of 10 Danaus plexippus monarch butterfly wings



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Interesting Facts about Monarch butterflies:

The monarch butterfly is world-famous, one of the longest-lived butterfly species, and one of the most interesting species to study. In the Fall, Northern monarch populations migrate thousands of miles South with a corresponding multi-generational return migration North the next Spring. Southern monarch populations migrate further South to Southern California and Mexico.

The caterpillars feed on milkweed, which is toxic, and the toxic chemicals are retained for the rest of development into adulthood. The bright coloration of the wings warns predators of this toxicity, giving the monarch butterfly a much higher chance of survival than most other butterfly species.

Danaus was a great-grandson of Zeus, a mythical king who founded Argos. Plexippus was one of the 50 sons of Aegyptus, the twin brother of Danaus.

Monarchs are one of very few species that are found worldwide.

In 2009 monarch butterflies were transported in a rocket to the International Space Station.

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