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Phanaeus vindex XL red green scarab beetle male Louisiana USA


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The specimen will come pinned in a box with styrofoam
Approximate size of specimen:

.75 inches long

Interesting Facts about Dung Beetles:

Dung beetles play an important role in agriculture and the health of tropical forests. By burying and consuming dung they improve nutrient recycling and soil structure. Dung beetles have shown to improve soil conditions and plant growth and are important for the dispersal of seeds present in other animal’s dung.

They protect livestock like cattle by removing their dung, which, if left, attracts pests like flies and fosters disease. Because of this many countries have introduced the beetles for the benefit of animal husbandry. It is estimated that dung beetles save the United States cattle industry around $385 million annually by burying above-ground livestock feces.

Phanaeus vindex red green scarab beetle female Louisiana

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