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Phyllium pulchrifolium green leaf bug female Indonesia


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Approximate size of specimen:

3.5 inches long x 2 inch wide.

Interesting Facts about Leaf Insects:

Also known as walking leaves, leaf bugs, or leaf insects, Phyllium pulchrifolium is found in Malaysia. They have one of the most impressive displays of camouflage of any insect and are virtually invisible among the trees in which they live.

Males and females can occur in shades of green, yellow, and orange.

If the female’s eggs are fertilized it takes 3-4 months for incubation and will produce only males. Unfertilized eggs take 6 months and will produce only females. A female can lay about 100 eggs and larvae are red right when they hatch, but turn green within a few days.

Phyllium pulchrifolium green leaf bug male Indonesia

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Packaged or Framed