framed pair

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  • Morpho portis blue butterfly Argentina RARE

  • Ornithoptera goliath supremus birdwing black gold butterfly female Papua New Guinea

  • Pseudolycaena damo blue hairstreak butterfly Guatemala

  • Papilio glaucus tiger swallowtail black form female black blue butterfly Indiana

  • Ornithoptera rothschildi birdwing butterfly female

  • Ornithoptera rothschildi birdwing green gold black butterfly male

  • Ornithoptera croesus lydius birdwing butterfly female

  • Papilio pilumnus black yellow swallowtail butterfly El Salvador

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    Papilio palamedes verso red orange swallowtail butterfly South Carolina USA

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    Cymothoe caenis black white butterfly Africa

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    Kaniska canace blue admiral butterfly Japan

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    Polyura euryalus blue black butterfly Malaysia RARE