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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping rates and policies?

We ship anywhere within the United States. Once everything is added to your cart shipping will automatically be calculated based on the total weight of the package to your zip code. If your order totals over $100 you become eligible for free standard shipping.

We only ship within the United States and do not currently offer exports to any other country.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes we offer bulk discounts for multiples and free standard shipping on orders over $100. The discount will automatically apply when you add the appropriate quantities to your cart.

We also offer mixed lots and mystery boxes at a discounted price. Click HERE to view products

How do I reposition the specimens without breaking them?

CLICK HERE to view our video on how to rehydrate butterflies and moths.

CLICK HERE to view more videos on how to spread the wings

Where did you get them?

They are raised in butterfly aviaries all over the world. To keep the operations running females are brought in from the wild to lay their eggs inside a large enclosed habitat. This way she and all of her babies are protected from disease, parasites, and predators. One female butterfly can lay thousands of eggs. In the wild only a handful will survive into adulthood because of all of these obstacles. In captivity virtually 100% will survive. Once the butterflies reach adulthood many are released back into the wild to help increase the indigenous populations. The rest are kept in the butterfly house for the rest of their lives, which is only a week or so in most cases, after they hatch from their chrysalis. Museums, universities, and businesses like ours will purchase the deceased specimens to preserve and keep in a collection for the public, to study things like DNA/evolution of a species/mutations/disease, or to make artwork. The money we supply to the butterfly houses helps keep their operation running, which in turn saves the native species of insects and plants from becoming endangered or extinct. This financial incentive motivates governments in third world countries to maintain their natural flora and fauna.

CLICK HERE for more information about butterfly aviaries.

What is the difference between the unmounted, mounted, and framed options?

Unmounted butterfly/moth: specimen will come with the wings closed, packaged in a paper envelope, no frame.

Mounted butterfly/moth: specimen will come with the wings spread, pinned in a box with styrofoam, no frame.

Framed: specimen will come in a frame with a glass front and hanger for the back so it can be displayed on your wall.

Pinned beetle/bug: specimen will come pinned into a box with styrofoam, no frame.

Packaged beetle/bug: specimen will come packaged, unmounted with the wings closed and legs tucked under the body, no frame.

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