Red Orange Yellow

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  • Urania ripheus sunset moth verso green pink orange black Madagascar

  • Danaus plexippus orange black monarch butterfly USA

  • Cymothoe sangaris red glider butterfly Africa

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    Appias nero red orange albatross butterfly Indonesia

  • Danaus plexippus orange black monarch butterfly verso USA

  • Papilio glaucus tiger swallowtail female yellow black butterfly Indiana

  • Urania ripheus sunset moth orange pink green black Madagascar

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    Arizona Southern black widow Latrodectus mactans wet specimen

  • mixed lot of assorted craft grade framed butterflies moths insects mystery box collection

  • Trogonoptera brookiana birdwing green black butterfly male Indonesia

  • Inachis io red pink purple blue peacock buckeye butterfly Europe

  • Callicore cynosura red black butterfly Peru