Art and Replicas

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There are lots of insects we would love to add to our collection, but they’re either extremely rare, costly or difficult to acquire. Replicas are high quality cotton rag paper representations of some of the most elusive insect species printed in accurate coloration and laser cut to the precise size and shape of real specimens.

Many items in this category are made from genuine specimens, see description for more information.

  • Actias luna RESTING POSE green saturn moth USA framed

  • Kerivoula picta COFFIN hanging orange fire bat Indonesia

  • Urania ripheus BLACK BACKGROUND sunset moth verso green pink orange black Madagascar FRAMED

  • Actias luna REPLICA resting pose green saturn moth earrings

  • Latrodectus mactans REPLICA black widow spider framed

  • Actias luna BLACK BACKGROUND green saturn moth USA framed

  • Ornithoptera priamus FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND green black birdwing butterfly Papua New Guinea

  • Acherontia atropos BLACK BACKGROUND framed Silence of the Lambs death’s head moth Europe

  • Plecotus auritus REPLICA SKELETON wings spread framed bat

  • Acherontia styx REPLICA miniature Silence of the Lambs death’s head moths earrings

  • Appias nero FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND orange butterfly Indonesia

  • Kerivoula pellucida COFFIN hanging black bat Indonesia