BicBugs - Triumphs and Tributes



Dale Roberts
Worldwide Saturniidae Collection 2023

NCIS: Los Angeles, 2023

Brian Banker
Giant Skipper US Lepidoptera Collection 2022

Dan Bantz
Tiger Swallowtail and Worldwide All-Insects Collection, 2022

That’s My Jam, 2022

Bob Duff
US Coleoptera and Worldwide Scarabidae Collection, 2021

The Tonight Show, 2022

Zen and Kim Richins
Worldwide All-Insects Collection, 2019

CSI – Las Vegas, 2021

Netflix’s Outer Banks, 2020

Bill Garthe
Coleoptera Collection 2017

Disney’s Bunk’d, 2018

Miguel Serrano
Tropical Butterflies of America
Worldwide All-Insects Business, 2015

Bill Nye Saves the World, 2018