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    Homoderus mellyi stag beetle Cameroon Africa

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    Mecynorrhina torquata male green scarab flower beetle Cameroon Africa (CIRS)

  • Salamis parhassus REPLICA framed pink purple mother of pearl butterfly Africa

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    Charaxes imperialis blue black butterfly Africa (CIRS)

  • Eudicella schultzeorum green snake tongue scarab beetle Africa

  • Charaxes jasius VERSO red gold butterfly Africa CIRS

  • Cymothoe sangaris FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND red butterfly Africa

  • Mecynorrhina torquata male + female PAIR green scarab flower beetles Cameroon Africa

  • Urania ripheus VERSO REPLICA pink orange sunset moth framed

  • Charaxes subornatus eupale REPLICA framed green butterfly Africa

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    Charaxes nobilis verso white black gold butterfly Africa RARE (CIRS)

  • Eudaemonia argus REPLICA framed pink saturn moth resting pose Africa