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  • mixed lot of assorted craft grade framed butterflies moths insects mystery box collection

  • mixed lot of assorted butterflies moths mounted pinned wings spread collection

  • Limited Quantity: 2

    Speyeria diana blue green framed male female pair butterflies Virginia USA RARE (CIRS)

  • mixed lot of assorted framed REPLICAS mystery box collection

  • Papilio blumei ulysses blue green swallowtail butterflies Indonesia

  • Cithaerias merolina PAIR male female pink clear wing butterflies Peru

  • mixed lot of assorted framed FRANKEN-butterflies FRANKEN-moths mystery box collection

  • Precis rhadama PAIR male female blue butterfly Madagascar FRAMED PAIR

  • Pseudolycaena damo VERSO + RECTO blue purple butterfly Guatemala FRAMED PAIR

  • Out of Stock

    The Butterflies of Southern California

  • Out of Stock

    The Butterflies of the West Indies and South Florida – David Spencer Smith, Lee D. Miller and Jacqueline Y. Miller

  • Phoebis TRITE + PHILEA + ARGANTE yellow orange barred sulfur butterfies Peru