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  • Octopus purple tentacle wet specimen Florida USA XL

  • pink skeletonized diaphonized African dwarf frog wet specimen

  • Orb weaver spider web framed preserved USA

  • preserved orb weaver spider web loose craft strip clippings USA

  • Rhacophorus reinwardti green tree frog Indonesia

  • Draco haematopogon mummified preserved yellow flying lizard Indonesia

  • Draco haematopogon mummified preserved red orange flying lizard Indonesia

  • Camponotus gigas bullet ant wet specimen Malaysia

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    Megascolia procer female wasp hornet Indonesia

  • Vestalis melania blue dragonfly wing preserved in vial Malaysia

  • Chrysina gloriosa green gold scarab beetle preserved wet specimen Arizona USA

  • extra large Hogna carolinensis Arizona wolf spider XL wet specimen