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  • Zeltus amasa REPLICA blue white hairstreak butterfly India earrings

  • Attacus atlas male REPLICA snake mimic saturn moth Indonesia earrings

  • Actias selene ningpoana REPLICA framed green pink Indian moon moth resting pose

  • Actias luna REPLICA framed green saturn moth resting pose USA

  • Hippocampus hippocampus REPLICA framed short snouted juvenile seahorse skeleton

  • Argiope aurantia REPLICA orb weaver spider framed

  • Lamprima adolphinae REPLICA green stag beetle mounted wings spread Papua New Guinea

  • blue dragonfly REPLICA earrings

  • Phyllium pulchrifolium REPLICA green leaf bug Indonesia earrings

  • Acherontia lachesis REPLICA miniature Silence of the Lambs death’s head moths earrings

  • Graellsia isabellae RARE REPLICA framed green spanish moon moth saturn moth Spain

  • Dryocampa rubicunda REPLICA framed pink rosy maple moth USA