Real Actias luna moth for sale
Real Actias luna moth for sale
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Actias luna green saturn moth USA


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Approximate size of specimen:

3.5 inch wingspan

DISCLAIMER: Due to the fragility of this species, it is highly recommended to remove the Luna moths from their packaging by cutting off the sides of the paper envelope and unfolding the envelope. This method will reduce the chance of the hindwing tails being torn as they’re removed from the packaging. You can also rehydrate the Luna moth while it is still inside the paper envelope. Because of this, all sales of “unmounted/wings closed” Luna moths (Actias luna) are final and cannot be returned for store credit, refund, or exchange.

Interesting Facts about Luna Moths:

Also known as the luna moth, Actias luna are one of the most famous moths in North America. The caterpillars are also green and as a defense mechanism, they click as a warning to potential threats and may sometimes regurgitate intestinal contents, which have a deterrent effect on most predators. The elongated tails of the hindwings are thought to confuse a bat’s sense of echolocation, giving the moth ample time to escape.

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