Real Papilio blumei peacock swallowtail butterfly for sale

Papilio blumei peacock swallowtail blue green black butterfly Indonesia


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Approximate size of specimen:

4.5 inch wingspan

Interesting Facts about Papilio blumei:

Also known as the peacock swallowtail, Papilio blumei is native to Indonesia. The iridescent green coloration is not produced by pigments, but is produced by the structure of the scales on the surface of the wing. They refract light and give us blue and yellow reflections, which is perceived by our eyes as being green.

Researchers have taken about 10 years to recreate the surface of a butterfly’s wing and have only come up with a simplified replica so far. They hope such technology will help make paper money and credit/debit cards more difficult to forge. Scientists are also using this technology to create solar panels that are more efficient.

Swallowtail butterflies are large, colorful butterflies that inhabit every continent in the world except for Antarctica. Most are tropical species and there are over 550 different species included in this group.

We have several species of swallowtail here in the United States, and many states have adopted swallowtails as their state butterfly. Papilio machaon oregonius in Oregon, Papilio glaucus in Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, and South Carolina, and Papilio polyxenes in Oklahoma.

Swallowtails have tails on the end of their hindwings, which help them escape predators in the wild. In the hopes that a bird will grab onto their tail, which they don’t need in order to fly, instead of some other part of their wing or body which are more critical for survival, the butterfly has a chance to get away unharmed. The bird “swallows the tail” instead of the butterfly, hence the name “swallowtail”.

Papilio ulysses swallowtail blue black butterfly Indonesia

Papilio ulysses x Papilio blumei REPLICA framed HYBRID blue green butterfly


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