Thysania agrippina white witch moth Peru


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7in+ wingspan

More about Thysania agrippina:

Also known as polilla bruja blanca, white witch moth, ghost moth, and great owlet moth, Thysania agrippina is famous for being one of the largest insects in the world. Record-sized specimens have been noted as having a wingspan of more than 12 inches!

They are found throughout South and Central America, but are sometimes known to stray up into the southern US.

The white witch gets its name from a story in which a naturalist was attempting to shoot a high flying “bird” with a shotgun. Pellets were piercing the wings of the moth, which didn’t do anything to disturb its flight. Given the small size of the body compared to the large wingspan, it was almost impossible to shoot down. This led the naturalist to believe it was some sort of immortal ” white witch” that couldn’t be killed.

Observations of the white witch moth date back almost 300 years, but incredibly, little is known about the immature life stages of this species. The caterpillar host plant has never been documented.

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