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    Papilio garamas black yellow swallowtail butterfly El Salvador (CIRS)

  • Junonia orithya FEMALE blue peacock butterfly Japan

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    Polyura euryalus blue black butterfly Malaysia RARE

  • Morpho didius BLACK BACKGROUND blue butterfly Peru FRAMED

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    Morpho didius blue female butterfly Peru RARE

  • Urania ripheus BLACK BACKGROUND sunset moth verso green pink orange black Madagascar FRAMED

  • Appias nero FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND orange butterfly Indonesia

  • Agrius cingulatus pink sphinx moth Guatemala

  • Limited Quantity: 2

    Adhemarius ypsilon pink sphinx moth Costa Rica

  • Cymothoe sangaris FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND red butterfly Africa

  • Danaus plexippus BLACK BACKGROUND orange black monarch butterfly USA

  • Papilio glaucus RESTING POSE tiger swallowtail male yellow black butterfly Indiana FRAMED