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    Alcides metaurus pink green day flying moth Australia RARE (CIRS)

  • Pseudodirphia menander pink saturn moth Costa Rica (CIRS)

  • Limited Quantity: 1

    Actias artemis MALE framed green saturn moth Japan (CIRS)

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    Actias artemis FEMALE framed green saturn moth Japan (CIRS)

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    Cocytia durvillii green black hummingbird sphinx moth Indonesia CIRS

  • Actias isis RARE saturn moth REPLICA earrings

  • Arctia festiva pink tiger moth Hungary RARE

  • Argema mittrei MALE BLACK BACKGROUND green yellow comet moth Madagascar

  • Attacus atlas male RESTING POSE BLACK BACKGROUND snake mimic saturn moth Indonesia

  • Brahmaea wallichi REPLICA peanut moth VIETNAM framed

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    Citheronia splendens hickory horned devil caterpillar preserved wet specimen

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    Giacomellia bilineata white moth Argentina (CIRS)