Purple Pink

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  • Creobroter gemmatus VERSO pink green praying mantis female Indonesia

  • Tentacle octopus pink purple preserved wet specimen in vial SM or XL

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    Cithaerias andromeda blue purple clear wing butterfly Brazil SUPER RARE (CIRS) 2

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    Leucanella flammans pink saturn moth male Ecuador SUPER RARE CIRS3

  • Papilio glaucus FRAMED BLACK BACKGROUND tiger swallowtail yellow black butterfly Indiana

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    Tropidacris albipes PAIR male female purple grasshopper Peru FRAMED

  • Udara dilecta blue purple butterfly China framed preserved on leaf

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    Callambulyx pink green framed sphinx moth Vietnam (CIRS)

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    Cethosia myrina pink purple butterfly Indonesia

  • Sasakia charonda coreana black purple white butterfly Christmas ornament

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    praying mantis pink green Malaysia

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    Pachyrrhynchus quadriplagiatus pink weevil beetle Philippines