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We are the leading supplier of worldwide unmounted and framed butterfly, moth, beetle, and bug specimens. The highest rated insect supply company in the United States, with over 19,000 five-star reviews.

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  • Acherontia atropos Silence of the Lambs death’s head moth Europe

  • Morpho didius blue butterfly Peru

  • Danaus plexippus orange black monarch butterfly USA

  • Urania ripheus sunset moth verso green pink orange black Madagascar

  • Actias luna green saturn moth USA

  • Graphium weiskei blue black purple green butterfly Papua New Guinea

  • Morpho menelaus blue butterfly French Guyana

  • riker style display frame

  • Cymothoe sangaris red glider butterfly Africa

  • Salamis parhassus pink purple black mother of pearl butterfly Africa

  • Papilio ulysses swallowtail blue black butterfly Indonesia

  • Morpho catenarius catenaria white blue butterfly Argentina

  • Papilio blumei peacock swallowtail blue green black butterfly Indonesia

  • Cithaerias merolina pink clear wing butterfly Peru

  • Urania ripheus sunset moth orange pink green black Madagascar

  • Morpho godarti asarpai purple blue butterfly Peru


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  • Eupackardia calleta female black saturn moth Arizona USA

  • Acherontia atropos Silence of the Lambs death’s head moth Europe

  • Cyclommatus metallifer stag beetle Indonesia

  • Helicopis gnidus yellow orange butterfly verso Ecuador

  • Helicopis cupido gold yellow orange butterfly verso Ecuador

  • Eupackardia calleta male black saturn moth Arizona USA

  • Actias maenas male saturn moth Indonesia

  • Danaus gilippus monarch mimic queen butterfly Arizona USA

  • Copiopteryx jehovah framed saturn moth French Guyana

  • Papilio palamedes verso red orange swallowtail butterfly South Carolina USA

  • Timelaea maculata spotted leopard butterfly China

  • Papilio xuthus black white swallowtail butterfly Hawaii USA

  • Limenitis lorquini red white admiral butterfly USA

  • lot of 20 blue Morpho butterfly wings craft grade

  • Golofa claviger rhinoceros beetle Peru

  • Nudaurelia dione yellow pink saturn moth Africa


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